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Your Grandchildren are amazing but looking after them is a huge responsibility. More and more families are turning to each other for help with childcare. Things have changed and refreshing and updating your First Aid knowledge is a great idea.

Our course is designed to give you not only knowledge but hands-on practical skills. We will go through different scenarios and equip you with knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat in unpredictable real life situations.

Course to include:

Action in an emergency: What to put in your First Aid kit and information to give the Emergency Services.

Role of the First Aider: The Primary Survey – Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, CPR.

Recovery position: What it is and what it does, followed by how to put both an adult and a child in the recovery position.

Choking: How to help a choking adult, a choking child and a choking baby.

Anaphylactic Shock: What is it and what can you do.

Fits and Seizures: How to recognise them, what to do and the different types including Febrile Convulsions.

Wounds and bleeding: How to treat a bleeding wound, Dressings, Embedded objects and nose bleeds

Shock: Signs and symptoms and how to treat it.


Bites and Stings: Animal bites and Bee Stings.

Burns: What to do with a burn, assessing the severity of a burn, causes of burns, and size, location and depth of a burn. How to treat and dress a burn.

Poisoning: Poisoning from an ingested (swallowed) substance and if the child has swallowed a corrosive or burning substance.

Breaks, Sprains and Dislocations: How do you know if they have broken a bone, different types of Fractures and the treatment for soft tissue injuries or possible closed fractures.


How to recognise if there is something seriously wrong and when to call an ambulance.


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